Oh My God, It's Bette Davis in a Damn Dishwasher Commercial

In Depth

DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME? Or am I watching a very young, platinum-blonde Bette Davis extoll the virtues of a General Electric dishwasher?

This video comes from the quite extensive YouTube offerings from King Rose Archives. A little further sleuthing uncovers that it’s but a tiny slice of a longer film, in which Bette (playing a young housewife) brags about her marvelous General Electric appliances, which make it easy for her to live “so far out” here in the boonies and manage an ENORMOUS house like this without any help, despite being a such a “frail little person.”

Judging by IMBD, it looks like we’re looking at “Just Around the Corner,” a 1933 promotional short. The synopsis:

Mr. Sears has to decide which of his young clerks will be promoted to office manager. Sears’ clerk Jerry and his wife Ginger invite Sears and his wife for a weekend of fishing at their home outside the city. Ginger demonstrates to Sears’ wife all her wonderful General Electric kitchen appliances and how they have made her home life completely streamlined. Sears decides that Jerry’s efficient manner of managing his home will also manifest itself in business and he decides to give Jerry the job.

Sorry, General Electric, but nothing will make me believe Bette Davis did her own dishes.

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