Oh No: Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Breaking Up?

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon — a couple I have long admired specifically because of this photo of them dressed up like Easter bunnies — are reportedly “headed for a split.” Noooooo. (But you can see it in his eyes that he chafes against the restrictions of the rabbit costume, which is a metaphor for the institution of marriage.)

A source tells Page Six that the couple is separating after six years of marriage; they’ve been living separately and fighting a lot, says the source. Another source says that Carey suspects him of cheating: “When the comic hosted pool parties in Las Vegas earlier this year, the diva dispatched a security guard to keep watch over her husband” (“to keep him away from the girls,” the source clarifies.) ALSO, they haven’t been photographed together in months, which the amateur sleuths amongst us know means somethin’.

Both of their reps declined to comment. [Page Six]

The NFL has narrowed the list of potential Super Bowl halftime show candidates to Rihanna, Katy Perry and, uh, Coldplay. Nothing gets the people riled up for sport like plaintive alt-moaning, that’s for damn sure.

Anyway, the league has reportedly asked each potential performer to donate “a portion of their post-Superbowl tour income to the league,” which is fucking ridiculous. This suggestion got a “chilly reception” because duh. [WSJ]

Alexis Arquette said in an interview that she once had sex with Jared Leto, and his penis was “not only massive” but like “a Praetorian Guard’s helmet.” Illustrative image here. I’m really having a hard time imagining how that could map onto a penis. [DListed]

  • Mischa Barton is being sued because she skipped out on filming a movie to “party in Europe.” (It looks like she mostly stood in front of scenic locations in various stylish coats, but I guess that counts as partying to some people?) [TMZ]
  • Arby’s put Pharrell’s hat in a museum. What a time to be alive. [Billboard]
  • Harry Styles was going to be in a movie called Tulip Fever in which he would have had to make out with Cara Delevingne, but he was like, “Nah, too busy being a lovable and mischievous guy.” He is also saving his first on-screen kiss for you. [E!]
  • Pete Wentz, that guy from that band with the nasal-y yelling and the feelings, has gone blond. [Page Six]
  • Brody Jenner is holding one-on-one interviews as he promotes the opening of a new Dave and Busters in Hollywood ( 🙁 ), and he stipulates that anything Kardashian-related is off limits. He is definitely trying to coerce people into asking about his new moustache. Well, the people have a right to know! [TMZ]
  • Kris Jenner went on dates with Britney Spears‘ ex and appeared to be in the ecstatic throes of new love (the love of being photographed while at dinner without any of her kids around). [ONTD]
  • Taylor Swift says that she’s “no longer enamored of romance”: “At this point, I just want to be with my friends and I want to make music and I want to play shows. I want travel the world and I want to define my life on my own terms.” [Gossip Cop]

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