OKCupid Dude Will Not Be Ignored: 'You Self Involved Princess'

Hot new trend: Dudes on dating sites freaking out at you when you don’t immediately respond to their entreaties to hang. (If this were a true trend piece, the title would be something like, “Men: Are They the New Women?”)

A reader emailed us this text exchange that occurred after she went on a “nice” but otherwise not noteworthy first date with a man she met on OkCupid. Afterwards they texted briefly, but she had plans (and also wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him again) so didn’t respond to two subsequent texts he sent over the following few days. After the last message, he didn’t take her radio silence as an indication to cool it; instead, he sent her another text chastising her for not wanting to go out with him because she is a “self involved princess.”

The timing of this particular message was bizarre; just last night I got an email from a friend who got an even more intense response than this one from a dude who was upset she hadn’t responded to him – for one evening. After she nicely told him that maybe he shouldn’t immediately freak out at women he barely knows for not being at his every beck and call, he then got mad at her, telling her that “People get excited sometimes and I’m not about to apologize for it,” before explaining that he’s a good guy, not a “douche” with a “messed up pickup line and shirtless ab pic.”

Good guy or not, spurned by many former unresponsive ladies on OkC or not: dudes, chill the fuck out. If you were a woman, the world would be calling you clingy and crazy. As it stands, you’re just a few characters away from being a dude who sends long rambling rejection messages. The only plus side to this is potential internet fame.

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