Old Navy Tried to Show an Interracial Family Enjoying Cheap Clothes


On Friday, Old Navy tweeted a photo of an interracial grouping of people that sure looks like a family.

It would be pretty shocking to see a family that looks like this walking down the street. I mean, they look this stylish in clothes from Old Navy? Unbelievable.

The average retweet count for most Old Navy pics is in the low dozens, so it’s clear the ad struck a nerve. Mostly with super racist white people, who replied with stuff so awful it seemed almost satirical. Except not funny.

One tweet was deleted before I could screencap it which described mixed-race people as “mystery meat,” a phrase that will haunt my mind with its terribleness forever.

Amongst the ugliness, there was some hope. As always, the sheer number of gifs about drinking white tears is inspiring, but even better were the families who are the “target demo” for this ad, Mr. @SJW_Syndrome, you piece of shit.

And that family is even better dressed. Love wins.

Image via Twitter.

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