One-Liners From Your Worst Breakup are Now Delicious Baked Goods


Valentine’s Day is only one day, but bargain Valentine’s Day candy and those chalky AF Necco Sweethearts are forever. If many of us must resign to being an archetypal Dejected Single™, an IDGAF Single™, or whatever Single™ our loved ones perceive us as during the month of February, we frankly deserve better than calcified chocolate that may or may not be wax. So how about some pies curated with lines you probably heard that one time someone you were boning with feels was grinding your heart into dust? TAKING IT.

Eat Your Heart Out is an ongoing photo series that features artisinal-looking baked goods that literally spell out things people say when they are breaking up with you, with the idea of making the worst relationship endings emotionally palatable. The project is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based designer Isabella Giancarlo, who came up with the idea after a breakup last year.

“Break-ups are often so fraught with awkwardness, cliches, and lines that stay with us long after they’ve been said,” she said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “My aim is to allow people to engage with break-up feelings in a new way.”

Engage accordingly.

Using the term “luster” during an IRL breakup might be worse than the breakup itself.

But at least there’s funfetti.

And so many cupcakes.

While the documented nummies are as delicious-looking as they are aesthetically-pleasing, I’m not sure whether even the most heartsore would be able to eat cookie cut-outs that have the worst Post-It note breakup one-liners imaginable.

While many publications who have also reported on the series have made puns about “eating your feelings,” I feel it is my moral duty to point out that no, these pies are not for sale, and no, they are descriptions or quotes. Not even Milo in The Phantom Tollbooth can eat his own feelings.

Images via Isabella Giancarlo.

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