Open Thread: Who's Your Summer Crush?


We’ve all had a crushing week, so what else are we gonna do for slight reprieve on a summer Friday but goss about the honeys we’re crushing on?

I specifically chose DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s perennial classic “Summertime” to lead this post, despite the fact that it is blindingly obvious, because it’s pure sweet nostalgia: The summer I snuck out my window every night to meet my neighborhood friends and the Drakkar Noir-ass boys we were dating, reckless and stupid and a little bit high. For the next three months, Jezebel is celebrating the stupidest summer ever, a series where our propensity for absurd ideas meets our necessary gallows humor; today, though, we’re going home early, and in the interim want to know about your feckless youths and the babes you wanted to smooch. So, open thread: Who was your most nostalgic summer crush? Who are you crushing on this summer? Let’s gush.

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