Outrageous Halloween Spending Makes It Easy To Forget We're Nearing An Economic Collapse


Sure, budgets are a little tight right now but who can resist a “Bloody Mary” mirror that screams and has flashing lights for only $130!!!

Not Wendy Moore, purchaser of said mirror:

“The technology they’re coming out with is so neat,” said Moore, 35, who teaches at Full Sail University in Winter Park. “Cool stuff just keeps coming out.”
Those increasingly sophisticated props are helping drive up Halloween spending.
Americans are expected to spend $6.9 billion on the spooky holiday this year, up 19 percent from last year, the National Retail Federation predicts. Almost $2 billion of that will be on décor – up 15 percent from last year.

So yes, that may seem a ridiculous amount of money to spend on one night out of the whole year but you only live once. If a $130 screaming mirror is what helps you make it through —and you have $130 in your mirror budget— who am I to argue?

Elaborate props expected to spur frightfully good Halloween sales [OrlandoSentinel]

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