Pageant Queen Hannah B. Will Be the Next Bachelorette


After a largely disappointing Bachelor season—and a finale that ended with a serenade by Adult Contemporary radio legends Air Supply (no joke)—Colton Underwood picked Cassie as the future maybe-bride who would get to deflower him. I look forward to not thinking about these two again for at least a few minutes, when the next season of The Bachelorette premieres, starring one of Colton’s rejected candidates, Hannah B.

Yes, the 24-year-old pageant queen Hannah Brown—who once told Underwood she worried about “not being perfect” for her future husband because she’s not a virgin—is the next Bachelorette.

Hannah’s perceived innocence and commitment to purity fits the Bachelor’s template perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see edits made to make her appear more adorkable while on a date with another blonde virgin like Colton. I only wish producers selected Tayshia for the role; she’s low-drama, adventurous, and clearly looking for lifelong partnership.

How many months until Bachelor in Paradise? Bring Demi back!

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