Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan Are Best Friends Forever (Again)

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According to sources, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have reunited after they both realized their friendship is way too important to give up and besides, neither one of them has any idea what they were even mad about!

“They’ve put their past behind them and have bonded over all the stuff they have in common,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “They both feel screwed over by Hollywood and their older friends.”

Unfortunately the source also added, “Secretly I think they’re only hanging out because they know it makes a better picture. They want to be superfamous again!”

If they can’t make it work for real, what hope do we have???

The end of Desperate Housewives is upon us. The show’s series finale is set to air some time in May 2012, which comes as a shock to cast members who were told by Marc Cherry that the show would continue on until 2013.

Of course, now that Cherry is no longer acting as the showrunner, this news is slightly less than shocking.

“Megan Fox is so funny. She’s hilarious. You wouldn’t, I don’t know if other people [expect it], but I think she’s really funny, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” —Leslie Mann on Fox’s role in the upcoming Knocked Up spin-off. [DigitalSpy]

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