Passion and Pantsuits: The 2022 Olympics Ice Dancing Costumes Do Not Disappoint

The ice dancing pairs at the Winter Games in Beijing have dressed for the Hunger Games and nothing less.

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Photo: an Hongguang/Xinhua via Getty Images (Getty Images)

You know what I love about ice dancing? The sport feels like figure skating’s more boisterous cousin: the one who gets paint all over her overalls and then proceeds to roll around on the couch inadvertently creating a masterpiece. It’s joyful and unrestrained. I love that for an Olympic industry that generally comes across stiff, stuffy, and as rickety as my 15-year-old cat.

However, resident fashion experts here at Jez have returned to watch hours and hours of ice dancing not so much to critique technique (although I can’t help myself if there’s a flexed foot anywhere in my sight), but to pore over every single rhinestone on the sometimes brilliant, sometimes garish costumes that light up the rink. So, without further ado, join me on this journey as we hold a magnifying glass to the tasteful aesthetics that fucked (much like their partners, er, siblings???) and the trashy looks that crashed hard on the ice at the Beijing Winter Games. LET’S DANCE.

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