Paul Rudd Located! At Obama Rally In…Kansas City?

  • The New York Post endorses Barack Obama — for the primary. [NY Post]
  • Snoop Dogg and onetime ANTM contestant Kelle Jacob, meanwhile, remain undecided.
  • From the tip jar: “FYI…I know why Paul Rudd wasn’t at his crappy movie premiere last night…though I don’t have any photographic evidence (yet!), I saw him with my own eyes at the Obama rally in Kansas City! He is shorter in person then one would expect…”
  • My advice: Make sure that your personal and tax records are secure. Also, get a shredder, and use it… Never assume your home is a safe haven” That’s Kathleen Willey, offering her own form of support to Barack Obama. [ABC News]
  • New polls say McCain would beat Obama or Hillary in a general election, though that is only slightly more meaningful than those polls that were saying the same thing about Rudy a few months back. You remember, when McCain’s campaign was totally bankrupt/moribund/etc. [Rasmussen]
  • Jesus Christ another rate cut? [Wash Post]
  • On Meghan McCain’s playlist right now: “It’s A Shame About Ray.” Less so about Rudy, eh? [McCain Blogette]
  • Interested in McCain’s abortion record? []
  • “The fact is the consumer is in a recession.” That’s Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz on his decision to offer $1 cups of coffee and close 100 stores. (He’s opening 1,175 stores this year.) [WSJ]
  • Also for Obama: Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s widow, Charlie Rangel’s wife? [NY Times]
  • The Winograd Commission decides the 2006 Lebanon war was flawed but “inevitable” and not some cynical overcompensation on the part of Ehud Olmert. [NY Times]
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