Pennsylvania Woman Demands Truckers Stop Exposing Themselves To Kids


Crystal King is done with truckers, passerby and all manner of ne’er-do-wells exposing themselves in front of her house and urinating all over her property. And now that a woman has actually flung her own pee at King, she’s demanding that police do something about it.

King lives with her mother-in-law, Patricia Roadman, and the two say that this has been a problem for years. They think that what’s going on is disgusting, but they’re also worried about the children who witness the truckers pulling out their penises in broad daylight and shaking what their mothers gave them. (Because that is actually a thing dudes have to do.) (Yeah, it sucks just as much as you think.)

Roadman said this to Pittsburgh’s Action News:

Well I watch out the front window of the trailer here and I see the truckers pulling off and pulling their little things out and doing bad business in front of these little kids in my yard…

And King added:

My 11-year-old son was riding his bike around here to the back of the house… and a lady pulled off back there and had no clothes from the waist down. She started yelling at him and that’s when I come out and I told her he’s on his property, yin’z ain’t supposed to be here just go up the road…

Well, that does sound awful. But not as awful as when a woman actually threw her shit at Roadman:

“One day a woman got out, she took all things down, and bent down like this, ” said Roadman. That woman allegedly put her waste into a paper towel and threw it in Roadman’s yard.
“I went up, I took a stick and I threw it up over the fence. Wasn’t mine,” said Roadman.

To be fair to the truck drivers, King and Roadman’s property is right on the PA turnpike and is separated from the road with only a low fence. Drivers who may have missed a rest stop may not think about the fact that there are children nearby and sometimes when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. (Like that time when my family was on a road trip to LA and I needed to use the bathroom but my parents refused to stop for more than a minute and I had to pee on the side of the road crying. I would have probably been very traumatized if a woman came screaming at me.) But that’s still no excuse for people throwing shit all over the place and the women having to take pictures of people defecating in front of their windows to get law enforcement’s attention. Some people, King says, even smile and wave as she’s taking the photos. WTF, mate?

State police have said that they’re aware of the problem and will step up patrols, but it seems like a better fence might also be a good idea here? No one should have to see people defecating in front of their house! (But I am a little jaded because I have seen this happen at least four times in front of mine.) (#Blessed)

Image via Action News 4

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