People Have Found a Lot of Weird Shit in Their Food This Week

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Holy crap, people have been finding a lot of weird stuff in food lately. From metal bolts to thumbtacks to pieces of plastic, this has been a bad week for people who don’t like to find entirely inedible objects in their delicious foodstuffs.

  • A man at a Mexican restaurant in Bellevue, WA recently found a thumbtack in his nachos, and is suing the establishment. Did they think internal puncture wounds would add to the dining experience? I mean, when I eat Taco Bell it feels like I’ve suffered internal injuries, so maybe that’s what they were going for? Whatever the case, 33-year-old Aaron Casey apparently bit right into the tack (which fell from a bulletin board above the food preparation area, and I’m seriously wondering just how many DoH regs THAT breaks) and cracked a tooth. The restaurant has refused to take any responsibility for his medical bills, although they did offer to comp the nachos, which is super generous of them. Come on, what more can the guy ask? Apart from, y’know, whatever he wants from the lawsuit, because the restaurant doesn’t have a prayer in hell of winning this.
  • A woman at an Albuquerque, NM Applebee’s (man, Albuquerque, you’re killing it for me lately with goofy stories) apparently found what looks like a 2-inch metal bolt in her sliders. Unlike the above case, no harm was actually done, and Applebee’s appears to be taking the case very seriously. The confusing thing here is, how the hell did THAT happen? At least with the thumbtack, we know how it got there, but how does a metal bolt find its way into tiny hamburgers? Was that order supposed to go to the T-1000 sitting at Table 12, and it was just an honest mix-up?
  • On a much grander scale, Tyson’s Chicken is recalling 75,000 lbs of chicken nuggets after several different customers complained of finding small pieces of plastic in their frozen birdmeats. Apparently, the issue has been traced to a single product scraper inside a blending machine and holy crap are those words horrifying to see associated with something you eat. This issue apparently only happened with that one machine, so those looking for their daily intake of plastic bits will soon have to go back to eating Lunchables to get their fix.

Image via Twin Design/Shutterstock.

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