People Names Hottest Teacher Alive, Our Teachers Were Hotter

No longer content to name only the sexiest celebrities alive, People magazine has now created a category for “sexiest men who have everyday jobs alive,” and Meredith Vieira tracked down a hot history teacher to grill him about being hot. Too bad our teachers were hotter!

To be fair, Nicholas Ferroni is a good sport about the whole thing. Perhaps it has something to do with being male—actually, probably a lot—but he doesn’t seem bothered with the fact that he’s being celebrated for his looks more than anything else. And to his credit, Ferroni does seem to be good at what he does, and is passionate about LGBT history, which he says should be an important component of education.

Here he is discussing why LGBT history should be taught:

And here’s an excerpt from a piece he wrote for The Huffington Post on the subject:

As educators, straight or gay, we have to know that our students look up to us, observe us and even adopt many of our views about nearly everything. We have to make conscious efforts to provide perspective and teach our students to be empathetic on all issues and not just to respect their differences; we are preparing them for when they become parents themselves. I look forward to when my students ask me about my sexuality in response to my involvement with our GSA, or because I often discuss gay and lesbian issues, because it allows me the opportunity to discuss the need to support all civil rights issues, especially those that pertain to people who are being persecuted in the present.

Good work, Mr. Ferroni! Both on your teaching and on your looks (which shouldn’t actually matter in regards to your teaching, but likely do) (My favorite evaluation of my own, by the way, was the one where someone remarked that it must take a lot of courage to wear the ugly sweaters I do, so I think I can understand what it’s like for you to be singled out)!

However, and I am loath to say this, you are nowhere near as hot as my middle school teachers, especially my eighth grade math teacher who found me incredibly annoying, probably because he realized I had a huge crush on him. I don’t know where you are, Mr. White, but you should have gotten this award.

Also, if People insists on giving awards to people with normal jobs, may I suggest a “hottest male blogger in his thirties who wears unicorn pajamas a lot” category? I probably wouldn’t win, but second is good too!

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