Pete Davidson Doesn't 'Give a Fuck' About the New Harry Potter Play


Since you asked!

Pete Davidson doesn’t care about the Harry Potter play that’s currently on Broadway. The comedian and Saturday Night Live star told Variety why in a video interview published alongside his September cover profile. (Davidson is one of the mag’s three September cover subjects; the other two are Amandla Stenberg and Shawn Mendes.)

When asked if he wanted to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, presumably because he’s mentioned liking Harry Potter in past interviews, Davidson said:

“I heard it’s, like, nine hours. And, like, I love Harry Potter, but, like, nine hours is a fucking, like… dude. And it’s a play, you know what I mean? None of them from the movie are in there. It’s just a bunch of other people doing shit… I don’t really give a fuck.”

To be honest, he doesn’t really give a fuck about the books, either:

“I read, like, the first three Harry Potter books. Then the, like, first movie came out, and I was like, I’ll just wait to find out what happens through the movies. I’ll wait seven years… The books are so fucking thick, dude, yeah? Who wants to read? I don’t understand people who get mad at people who don’t read. Like, who wants to read? All your information could be spoken to you.”

Technically true! All learning styles are valid! Elsewhere in the interview, Davidson talks about how he used to be in tap-dancing school:

“I used to be in tap-dancing school.”

Watch it here.

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