Phil McGraw Nags Nadya Suleman Over Mental State, Motherhood


Nadya Suleman was on Dr. Phil today and the (bad) doctor accused her of “poor problem recognition skills,” and “majorly flawed thinking.” Question: what the fuck do people expect her to say at this point?

Mr. McGraw says that “the public should be made aware” of what he sees as her “inability to anticipate the consequences of her actions.” But why? He claims he’s “concerned about her emotional stability,” but if he really thought Ms. Suleman wasn’t stable, then why was he grilling her about her situation, and trying to freak her out about the idea of raising so many kids?

McGraw says it’s because he “wanted to know if she really understood the enormity of the situation she has gotten into.” But it feels more like he wants Suleman to repent for something that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

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