Please Read This Wild, Megyn Kelly-Endorsed Letter From a Prep School Parent Warning of the Dangers of… Ziwe?

According to the letter, Ziwe's show is "hate speech against white women"

Please Read This Wild, Megyn Kelly-Endorsed Letter From a Prep School Parent Warning of the Dangers of… Ziwe?
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I am sorry to inform everyone that the specter of “critical race theory” has reached the hallowed halls of New York City’s most elite private prep schools, in the form of an episode of comedian Ziwe Fumodoh’s eponymous Showtime show—and Megyn Kelly, along with another mother whose middle school-aged daughter was exposed to the horrifying danger of satirical comedy about racism, is fed up.

Kelly notably announced last year that she was pulling her three kids out of their elite private schools because the schools had taken a “hard left,” including removing her daughter from the Spence School. On Tuesday, Kelly shared a very long letter ostensibly written by a woman named Gabriela Baron, explaining why she also pulled her daughter out of the Spence School and made the decision to send her somewhere else for high school. The final straw for Baron? Earlier this month, her daughter’s history teacher showed their class part of an episode of Ziwe’s show—a show that to Baron “exemplifies hate speech against white women.” “(Another) Spence parent pulls her kid after grossly racist episode attacking white women is forced on girls in class,” Kelly wrote solemnly in a Twitter post sharing Baron’s three-page long letter, adding that this was “far-left indoctrination.”

Baron, a Spence alum who also felt it was important to share at the beginning of the letter that she is a Cuban American child of immigrants, wrote that she “wept” when her daughter was accepted to Spence. But to Baron, as well as her husband, the Spence School—where tuition runs well over $50,000 per year—has now become a bastion of the far-left, overrun by, I assume, Marxists and antifa and comedians.

It’s worth quoting the letter, because any attempt of mine to summarize it would fail miserably to capture its astonishing range and communicate the author of the letter’s pervasive sense of entitlement and incredibly hurt feelings:

This evening, we learned that yesterday, during our daughter’s last history class, the class was shown a video by “Ziwe” which exemplifies hate speech against white women. My husband and I watched the video in its entirety and were shocked. The video openly derides, humiliates and ridicules white women. It is punctuated at regular intervals by fake ads, which are part of the video’s editorial content and were shown to the class, that end with the slogan “White Women.” There are 2 fake ads in the video of white women touching each other and kissing that were not shown to the class, but the remainder of the video was shown.

“Ziwe,” whose life goal is, as far as I can tell, to make rich white women mad, is probably cackling in her apartment right now! Congrats to Megyn and to Gabriela for proving her point!

The letter, which again is three pages long, didn’t stop there. “I cannot understand why my daughter and her classmates were required to sit through this blatantly racist video,” Baron continued, describing it as a “gratuitous display of racist hate speech directed at white women.” The episode, by the way, centers around interviews with two prominent white women—Fran Leibowitz and Gloria Steinem—for what it’s worth! “Is Ziwe’s video somehow not racist and acceptable to Spence because it attacks whites?” Baron asked, adding, “The video is appalling and I am deeply insulted by it.”

She went on: “After watching the video I feel like I have been gut-punched and I am extremely angry. Angry that our daughter’s last day at Spence—my alma mater and the school I thought I would one day see her graduate from—ended on this note.” Baron concluded, “Spence needs to do better than this and I believe that the family of every student in that class is owed an apology from the school. Racism is racism.”

Jezebel has reached out to the Spence School as well as Ziwe for comment, and will update this critically important story on the scourge facing the white mothers of children attending our nation’s elite K-12 institutions if we hear back.

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