Poll: What Is Drake Doing to You?


Drake and his new face-sit-ready beard and physique have inspired levels of thirst beyond what the internet can handle right now. Aubrey Graham—more like Aubrey Daayum—is a new man and, seemingly overnight, he’s transformed into an emo Adonis. We’re all grateful for it, but… how are you holding up?

Do you see it? Do you get it? Doesn’t matter.

Every person who exists on this meaningless orb is losing it over Drake. Someone please clean up Perez Hilton’s keyboard:

There’s just something about the beard. Here’s an easy visual explainer:

In Drake’s honor, the wonderful and very necessary Twitter account @PostBadBeards even hosted an #AubreyAppreciationDay for horny internet civilians on Tuesday.

I too am guilty.

Drake has been bulking up for a while now with his trainer OVO Jonny Roxx, but for the past week he’s been strolling around Wimbledon in London, while setting up premium thirst traps on his Instagram account.



Oh ok.

Yeah. We’ve now clearly convinced you that the old Drake, while still a prime Would U candidate, is very different from this new bearded Drake. There’s nothing more to explain.

So… What is Drake doing to you?

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