Previously Unknown Rich Person Violates Beyoncé's Private Space at NBA Finals

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Previously Unknown Rich Person Violates Beyoncé's Private Space at NBA Finals
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Beyoncé, future Oscar winner for her standout performance of evading co-stars while recording The Lion King, stopped by the NBA finals with her husband last night. As it tends to do, footage quickly circulated of a conversation taking place between Jay-Z and the Warriors owner’s wife (Nicole Lacob). In the clip, Beyoncé’s branded fluoride stare overtakes her expression as Lacob leans across her lap to make small talk with Jay-Z. It’s a bold move for anyone living in a post-Lemonade world! (And don’t the rich people in Beyoncé’s orbit know that her Beyhive lacks an understanding of social boundaries?)

I’d also like to mention: anyone can write a blog post involving viral tweets about the most famous woman in the world. But who else would think to snoop for her Instagram besides the menaces employed by Jezebel? After spending an embarrassingly long time searching for Nicole Lacob’s online identities, I stumbled across a grainy photo of a television screen by someone named “warriornicole.” The caption? “We should all help and support each other.”

I’d say I feel bad for Nicole Lacob, a member of the ruling class, but I mostly wish LeBron James had been there to distract Beyoncé. It could’ve saved me an hour of detective work!

[Us Weekly]

Tyler Perry would like all aspiring actors to know that he refuses to cast anyone who buys a billboard in his neighborhood asking for a role. It seems like Racquel Bailey, famous for her role in this story, caught the internet’s attention with a $2000 billboard that reads, “Attention Mr. Perry! Racquel Bailey is your next leading lady.” Dismayed by the new addition to his morning commute, the former conduit to the entity known as Madea took to Instagram with a plea: “PLEASE STOP!” Apparently he’d already seen in her in a play a couple of years ago and would’ve auditioned her had he asked?

But the final twist of this story comes from AJC, who reported that the actress is based in New Jersey. Imagine if I bought a billboard in New York City that read “Fight Me!” all the way from California. While I certainly deserve to get my ass beat for a myriad of reasons, it’d be much easier to stand on a Brooklyn street corner and let my enemies do it in person!

[The Blast]

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