Public Transit Officials Say No Thanks to 'Inappropriate' Bravo Ad


Bravo tried to get cheeky with the ads for its upcoming show, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, which blared “Go Find Yourself” alongside star Lisa Edelstein holding out her ring finger, bird-flipping style. But when they tried to place them on public transit in LA and New York, they were promptly denied.

That’s according to the Hollywood Reporter. Dom Camera of Dom Camera & Company (bet that guy’s neck-deep in Google alerts for himself), which was handling the ad, told THR that the MTA in both cities shot down their request for spots on buses and subways, citing “inappropriate material.” The Grove, an L.A. shopping center, also declined to run it.

“I never expected we’d get a turn-down for this campaign,” said Camera. If my Babel fish is working correctly, that means: “We decided that if they denied us, we’d turn it into lots of free press for Bravo’s first scripted series.” And, indeed, there is already a post about the ~controversy~ at Bravo’s website, trumpeting your opportunity to “See the Banned ‘Girlfriends Guide to Divorce’ Ad” and breathlessly announcing that, “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce won’t hit the small screen until December 2—but it’s already stirring up controversy.”

The ad will run on tour buses and phone booths, instead. All’s well that ends well.

Image via Bravo

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