Rayanne from My So-Called Life Is Now a So-Called British Countess


Remember that episode of My So-Called Life when Rayanne—beautiful, free spirited Rayanne!—takes ecstasy, gets too drunk at a party, and Angela has to call her mom to take Rayanne to the hospital?! Did you ever imagine that that poor, broken, and incredibly stylish youth would go onto become a British countess? Of course not! Nobody believed in Rayanne (or her ability to marry rich)! But guess what? She did!

Following the cancellation of My S0-Called Life, Rayanne—who we’ll refer to as A.J. Langer for the sake of “facts”—went on to do many things. She appeared on Baywatch, met a British nobleman at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, got married, and as of this month, became a countess.

“Allison Joy Langer, 41, […] has become the Countess of Devon following the death of her father-in-law, the Earl of Devon, aged 73,” the Telegraph reported Monday. “She is married to the late Earl’s son, Charles, 40, a barrister, who has now inherited the title and the family’s 4,000-acre estate, Powderham Castle, near Exeter.”

As of 2009, life as an aristocrat had not gone to Langer’s head. As she told website Breezy Mama:

“The whole title thing…I am no expert. It means more to some people and less to others. It definitely makes for interesting conversation, and an interesting story. “If Charlie becomes the Earl of Devon, my title would become the Countess of Devon and our kids would be Lords and Ladies. But we don’t use the titles in our daily lives. They are there and we respect the history that gave rise to them, but in our reality we’re just a normal family.”

But perhaps things have changed now that she’s an actual countess. Only one thing is for sure at this point and that is that Langer, like the rest of the British aristocracy, is now broke as hell and hemorrhaging money on a crumbling estate.

Via the Telegraph:

In 2009, family portraits and antiques worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, including a handwritten account of the English Civil War written by one of his ancestors, were offered for sale in order to cover an overdraft of £1 million and help secure the castle’s financial future.

Good luck, Rayanne! I’ve always wanted the best for you! Even when you slept with Jordan!

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Image via ABC/My So-Called Life.

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