Reader Gift Guide: What Are You Getting Your Lov-ah This Year?


This time Thursday you’ll likely be sitting down with a heaping pile of food with some people you want to kill even though you have the same genes. But maybe you’ll be sitting down with people you want to kill that you don’t have the same genes as because they’re your significant other’s family. Despite that suffering, you really care about that significant other, don’t you? Now would be the time to tell them by getting them something nice!

Every year at Jezebel we do our own special, kooky series of gift guides, and this year will be no exception. But you guys are probably already putting together your shopping lists or making purchases, so this week we’ll focus on what you, the readers, are giving this season. Ideas aplenty! Today’s offering: gifts for that extra-special someone in your life.

This works just like the all our other gift guides:

1. Please don’t leave regular/direct comments on this post. Shopping submissions only! You can, however, comment on the submissions.

2. Items should be available online. We want to buy the cool trinket you found! Give us the link!

3. Avoid duplicates. If someone posts the thing you were absolutely planning on buying too, please avoid making a second entry for it. Instead, just chime in beneath their comment.

4. Follow this format for your entries:


Description of item, price, link to/name of retailer.

Additional notes.

For example:

Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves, $29.97 at Century 21

While I am sans a gift-worthy lov-ah this season, if I had one I’d probably go with something like leather cashmere-lined gloves, as I am of the opinion that every person who lives in a cold climate should own a pair of classy gloves. They’re always consistently half-off at most department stores with a bevy of regular styles to choose from out of brands whose names don’t matter in the slightest.

Image via Universal Studios

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