Reader Roundup: Just Say No To Worn Out Sex Toys


Today’s best comments made us feel great for a variety of reasons.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to How To Know It’s Time For A New Vibrator: “I knew it was time when sparks shot out of it and lit my pubes on fire.” • Best Comment Of The Day in response to Michelle Williams Takes Strolling Very Seriously: “She gets terrible performance reviews at her job at the Ministry of Silly Walks.” • Best Comment Of The Day in response to Everything You Need To Know About The Prop 8 Ruling: “If this case goes up to the Supreme Court and is won, it wont matter what public officials or public opinion says.

That’s why issues like these are best left to the courts. You can’t wait for the general public to overcome their prejudice to advance the cause of social justice. Civil rights cannot and should not be put to a vote.”
Best Comment Of The Day in response to This Is How Tigers Act On Catnip: “Have you ever pulled down a caribou and fought off a pack of hyenas…ON WEED?”

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