Real Housewives: How Kelly Bensimon Sees Things


On last night’s episode—after exhibiting truly bizarre behavior on vacation—Kelly returned home and gave her version of the events, which completely contradicted what had been caught on camera. She might want to rethink the whole “reality” TV thing.

If you’d like some more insight on what might be Kelly’s damage, you should read this non-practicing psychologist’s diagnosis of her behavior (as linked by one commenter in last week’s recap). She seems to fit the bill for Paranoid Personality Disorder. I honestly don’t think this has anything to do with drugs or alcohol. Only LSD or mushrooms could distort reality for a person to this degree and it would be difficult for her to constantly be tripping while filming.

Her detachment from reality is only further exhibited by her Bravo blog this week:

Stop systematic bullying! Tell a teacher, friend, or adult. Everyone deserves to be loved. Four against one is never OK.

And it’s one thing to give a twisted, biased—if not completely inaccurate—account to people who were not present, but her issues were never more apparent when she tried to do this with someone who had actually been present during the trip. (BTW, my friend Jesse pointed out that Ramona showed up to Jill’s holiday party looking like Camilla the chicken from the Muppets.)

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