Red Carpet Red Ruled the SAG Awards

On Sunday, the stars showed up to give us the good, the glam and the godawfully hideous.

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Photo: All images by Getty (Getty Images)

For the first time in a few years, the stars took their masks off and prepared for a boozy awards show reminiscent of those that came many, many eons ago in 2019. On Sunday, the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards broadcast aired to reveal which actors of television and film were most loved by other actors of television and film.

Sure, it’s nice that Succession won for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series and that Squid Game star Jung Ho-Yeon won for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, but we’re here to talk looks. This year, it seems that the group chat agreed upon wearing head-to-toe punchy red. Caitriona Balfe and Joely Fisher went simple and sophisticated while Kirsten Dunst gave elevated Charlotte Russe with a strapless sequin gown. Cynthia Erivo knocked them all out of the park with a splash of fur that read, “ex-wife you’ll spend the rest of your life pining over.”

Melissa Tang’s feathers up top and feathers down below feel very carpet-in-a-‘70s-drug-den, but in a good way, which is far more interesting than anything happening on Yvette Nicole Brown, Mireille Enos or Florence Keith-Roach. Red may be spicy, ladies, but it doesn’t preclude you from being boring.

For the rest of the SAG attendees who didn’t get the red memo, let’s take a look:

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