Reddit Encounters Women's Humor Site, Is Very, Very, Very Confused


What happens when Reddit encounters something that satirizes that hallmark of the lady Internet, a personal essay about one’s parenting decisions? Confusion and arguments about circumcision, of course.

I found this beauty earlier today while cruising by r/offbeat, Reddit’s home for wacky news, as I am wont to do:

Which would be offbeat, indeed! Except Reductress is a women’s humor site and this particular post is quite clearly poking fun at a very specific genre of “I’m Doing This, As a Mom, So THERE” personal essays. It is very amusing to imagine someone reading this article and angrily submitting it to r/offbeat, despite this paragraph:

My husband and I are devout Juggalos, and we want to raise our daughter to whoop-whoop with the rest of the family. It’s important that our little dirtbag grows up with a solid understanding of our ideals, which include hanging out at Hot Topic but not buying anything, and suggestively licking at strangers across a crowded Applebee’s. A pierced tongue is about more than just cracked teeth and cranial abscesses—it’s about who you are and where you came from. And for us, our daughter came from my pussy, which is also pierced.

It is equally amusing to imagine someone hitting “submit” and leaning back in her chair, cackling.

Many amazing exchanges ensued. For instance, there were the Juggalo experts: “Come on, this is clearly a satire!” and “If you’ve met many juggalos you would know that this could be real. Juggalos are crazy.” But we truly hit Peak Reddit when the thread became a discussion about circumcision and its evils:

Look at what you’ve done, Reductress.

Photo via Shutterstock/altafulla.

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