Redditor Asks Gynecologists to Reveal All Their Secrets


A Redditor who posted a question about what gynecologists can tell about their patients “lifestyle” from an examination probably didn’t expect to get science dropped on them by actual MDs. The question which appeared on the site 18 hours ago asked the site’s resident gynecologists to reveal all about what the redditor “might want to know” (which was pretty open-ended). The question, the redditor pointed out, was just out of curiosity.

Well, curiosity satisfied! Here’s what you can tell from a brief gynecological exam according to responders:

  • Whether someone has chlamydia (greenish goo)
  • Whether someone has a yeast infection (cheesy discharge)
  • Whether someone has Bacterial Vaginosis (by the smell or the wet prep)
  • Early pregnancy based on cervix discoloration
  • Whether someone is constipated
  • Whether someone is sexually active (but that involves history-taking as well!)

Here’s some things a gynecologist can’t tell from a simple exam:

  • Whether the patient has taken part in the sexual olympics (which many responders pointed may be where the question was headed.)

And here’s the best response of the whole thread, because it’s both education and an epic burn:

I think I know where you’re going with this and no, you can’t count the rings in a vagina & tell how much sex a woman has had. Source: Woman. Not a tree.

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