Remember the 2000s British Boy Band BBMak? Doesn't Matter, They've Reunited


The reunion/revival circuit is getting out of hand, dogs. BBMak, a British pop group from the 2000s that definitely existed and definitely had a few minor hits—you most likely only know “Back Here” (see below)—have announced that they’re getting the band back together after 15 years.

I liked these guys just fine—as one likes LFO “Summer Girls” at 2 a.m. in a karaoke bar—but there are exactly two or three people who were gunning for this reunion.

BBMak frontman Christian Burns shared the reunion news with People:

“Back in the day we were like brothers, and we’re dear friends still to this day because we’ve stayed in touch. We’ve seen some of the other bands come back and having a good time performing, and we missed it. We had done some songs on our own and we thought, ‘We have some songs here.’ It just felt like the right time to do it.”

He added, “Little things in our lives have changed, but we haven’t changed. Back in the day we could hardly touch the ground, but this time around we’re really gonna savor a bit more and really enjoy it. We’re doing it all this time on our terms.”

…Okay? The most important factoid to note here is that they have aged into handsome Nashville extras:

Hanson, watch your back.

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