Republican State Representative Releases Gay Marriage PSA, and It's Genuinely Moving


Republican Washington State Representative Maureen Walsh has recently put out a — lo and behold — pro gay marriage PSA in which she discusses her own wonderful marriage to her husband and her refusal to deny a similar happiness to anyone, gay or straight. “Allowing marriage for same sex couples is a question of fundamental fairness,” says Rep. Walsh. She then adds, “As a Republican, I don’t believe the government should tell anyone who they can or cannot marry.”

Wait — is Walsh following the fundamental ideology of the Republican party instead of just stripping people of their rights while throwing around the word “Reagan”? This is amazing! Like watching a very smart dog walk on its hind legs while all of the other idiot dogs are rolling around in a dead fish.

Much to her credit, this isn’t Walsh’s first time defending same sex marriage. She made waves back in February when she went against the party line and made a heartwarming argument in support of a marriage equality bill.


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