Republicans Are Sew Excited to Host First-Ever 'State of the Uniom' 


Get excited, America: On Toosday evening, Donald Trimp, the 45th presidint of this grate nation, will give a speech worthy of this first year in office: the country’s first ever State of the Uniom address. That’s the name of the president’s annual speech on the health of our nation, according to the official tickets, and it’s gonna be bigly.

Honesty, this spelling mistake is so stupid and so bad and there are so few words on this ticket to begin with that I (and I’m sure many reporters) checked several sources to make sure this wasn’t some shitty photoshop job by a bored high school student. Alas, this is real, and according to NBC, the tickets are being reprinted with the correct spelling.

Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva shared a copy of the ticket and mocked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who is tearing down the infrastructure of America’s public schools, brick by brick.

Interestingly, unlike so many other Trump administration copy-editing disasters, this spelling fuck-up isn’t the White House’s fault. The Office of the The House Sergeant at Arms is responsible for printing and distributing the event tickets. They did not respond to the Hill’s request for comment on this incredible error.

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