Revisiting the Catty Art World of Gallery Girls


Imagine: you’re back in 2012. Everyone is arguing about this new HBO show Girls and people still use the word “hipster.” Capitalizing on the sudden discourse about floundering young white Brooklynites whose parents pay their rent comes the Bravo network with a new show called Gallery Girls. A one-season gem of a show, Gallery Girls followed a group of wannabe gallerists, from snotty Upper East Side-ers who fancied themselves future Charlotte Yorks, to downtown #alt girls dressed in a rotating, chic wardrobe of black sacks. Somehow, it seems like everyone has been an intern for several years.

Here, Jezebel writers Hazel Cills and Joan Summers remember the bizarre cult Bravo program that captured the ridiculousness of New York “creatives” and the art world they desperately wanted to succeed in.

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