Rihanna and Chris Brown Maybe Did Sex in a Bar Bathroom Last Night

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Yes, Rihanna and Chris Brown put their faces on each other at a club in the Meatpacking District this past evening after arriving within five minutes of each other. Like the classiest mating call displayed on a Discovery Channel special, Breezy “raised his shirt and was dancing promiscuously” in Rihanna’s general direction. Later on, they went to the bathroom together and probably fucked in there, GUH-ROSS (“she emerged looking ruffled”), and then both of them left around 4 AM.

As for Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, the two have been “fighting nonstop lately,” and she’s supposedly fuming about RiRi and Breezy’s total and complete lack of discretion. [Page Six, NYDN]

As you’re likely aware, Nicki Minaj lost her shit at Mariah Carey during an American Idol taping and their fight got caught on video. You can’t really make out what Mimi’s saying (because her speaking voice is now at a level that only other divas and, perhaps, dogs can hear?),

Nicki is yelling: “So every time you patronize me, I’mma take it back, and if you’ve got a f*cking problem, handle it. I told them I’m not f*ckin’ putting up with her f*cking highness over there. Figure it the f*ck out. Figure it out. I’m not gonna sit here every f*cking minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.” Reportedly, the two began fighting over a contestant. Click through for video. [TMZ]

A fan tossed a Barbie doll at Demi Lovato during a concert, and the 20-year-old singer was inspired to speak briefly about image struggles. “I spent my whole life trying to be this and trying to look like this. And guess what? I’m not this. And it means the world to me that you guys still love me no matter what.” [Much Music]

The silver lining of having your privacy breached and photos of you during a personal moment with your husband is that you find out everyone is SOOO jealous of your thighs, going by this unnamed source close to Kate Middleton:

Kate has always been insecure about her body. While she wasn’t amused that the world’s media published photos of her topless and naked, she has been given something of a boost from the whole scandal. [She] has seen some of the positive comments about her body on the internet. It’s made her feel much more positive. But she’ll be more careful in the future.


Chay Tates opened a bar in New Orleans called Saints and Sinners and supposedly he’s gonna “put on a wild show” there. Let’s go to New Orleans! [Page Six]

“Don’t worry, Cameron Diaz. We here at Esquire are trained in the art of subtlety.” [The Mirror UK]

  • On Oprah’s Next Chapter, Stephen Colbert got serious and talked about losing his father and brothers in a 1974 plane crash at the age of 10. [Us Weekly]
  • Joey Fatone and his partner Kym Johnson got sent home on Dancing With The Stars. [Us Weekly]
  • Liam Neeson stripped down to hot-pink underwear on Ellen to promote breast cancer awareness. [NYDN]
  • Comedian Tig Notaro is now cancer free! [Time]
  • Oh nooo. Miley Cyrus’ puppy Lila is in the hospital. Say hi to Dourtney for us. [Ocean Up]
  • Mike Tyson’s New Zealand visa was denied thanks to his rape charge. [Time]
  • Katie Holmes is hanging out with Judy Greer now! [People]
  • Season 2 of Lena Dunham’s Girls will feature girls of color. [Vulture]
  • Chris Evans put his lips on Minka Kelly’s lips. [People]
  • Nic Cage settled a lawsuit against the Daily Mail for writing falsehoods about his finances. [Express]
  • Helen Hunt’s contributing to a sex therapist’s book, whom she met while portraying her in upcoming film The Sessions. [Female First]
  • Whoa, Nas sexted his ex-wife Kelis. Don’t go down that road, Nas. [NME]
  • Adele’s gonna hide away on James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s property after she gives birth. [The Sun]
  • Amanda Bynes hates Lindsay Lohan and rambles about “that bitch Lindsay” all the time. [NDTV]
  • David Blaine’s next fantastical feat is to stand in the middle of a million volts of electricity and not die. Oh, and to make us care about David Blaine. [WSJ]
  • A.J. Mclean tried to use the Backstreet Boy card to get out of a ticket in L.A. [TMZ]
  • “I felt like it was absolutely the right thing to do. We were having an honest conversation, so for me to harbor that kind of secret and not be upfront about it seemed kind of disingenuous.” —Katie Couric explains why she opened up about her struggle with bulimia on Katie. [E!]
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