Rihanna's New Year's Eve Had More Liquor, Luxury and Lashes Than Yours


Rihanna had quite the New Year’s Eve, which she graciously had documented for her and posted to Instagram. The evening involved a quiet dinner in her apartment in Manhattan followed by an excursion to a local nightclub. Let us take a look, shall we?

As you can imagine, the evening began with professional makeup application.

Rihanna’s caption: “What the Marley Room looks like when me and my bitches decide to get ready together!” Rihanna has a Marley room. As in Bob Marley.

Meanwhile, the table was set beautifully. The palette: Black and white.

Fashion model Cara Delevingne, best known for having a thick eyebrows, making funny faces and dropping a bag of coke on her doorstep, was in attendance. Rihanna styled Cara’s hair.

Caption: “Picking a clutch…task!!!” I mean, you know how it is.

Next, Rihanna spent some time strutting around her apartment in her black and white ensemble.

She paused for a glass of wine.

Her guests waited patiently.

In the kitchen. With those lashes.

She assisted Chef Debbie Solomon in preparing the meal.

Caption: “hungry bitchez #nyedinner”

Dinner was served.

Posing between courses was encouraged.

At midnight, there was a pink champagne toast.

The mood was jubilant.

“My housekeeper and friend, love you Priya! And then there’s @jennnrosales

“#2#O#1glass#4 Photo booth! Well, kinda…a mounted remote works too! #nyedinneratmyplace”

Then it was time to roll out.

This is the perfect opportunity to quote from Ms. Fenty’s recent single: “Who cares how you haters feel/I still got my money.”

The festivities moved to the 40/40 club, owned by Jay Z, who signed the Bajan singer to his record label in 2004.

Rihanna smoked what appeared to be a Colorado cigarette.

“damn bitch my feet hurt, bitch my feeeet hurt!!” *mz luscious voice* #nye

Perhaps the hand-rolled smoke was medicinal in nature.

The mood shifted into one best described as “turnt.”

This is the last image she posted of the night. The perfect punctuation. Let us deem the enterprise a success and bid our lovely hostess adieu.

Images via Instagram.

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