Rob Lowe Is Leaving Parks and Rec Because 'Amy Poehler Is a Prick'


Later this season — whenever NBC decides to actually air it — Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will be moving on from Parks and Recreation and heading to greener pastures (that better not be in Eagleton). It’s a sad event, surely, but wait until you hear the real reason why.

“Amy Poehler has deeply offended both of us,” Lowe joked to David Letterman on The Late Show Tuesday night. “Amy Poehler’s a prick.”

THANKFULLY, David Letterman didn’t believe a word the actor said and defended Poehler’s honor, responding, “That’s not true. She’s a wonderful woman. You’re a lying son of a bitch.”

Yeah, FUCK YOU, Rob Lowe.

Kidding, of course. A good, gentle ribbing suggests way more on-set affection than a “she’s great to work with” any day of the week. Y’all Parks and Rec kids are adorable.

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