Rob Thomas Might Make the Veronica Mars Movie a ‘Cool Noir Thriller’


Could the Democratic Kickstarter Republic of Veronica Mars: The Movie (which has now raised upwards of $3.4 million from eager fans) be made as noir thriller like Side Effects?

Maybe, according to the show’s creator Rob Thomas, who told the Los Angeles Times that he feels “an absurd amount of pressure” not to fuck up the fan-funded movie. He’s toying around with some ideas right now, one of which is putting gumshoe Veronica Mars in a “cool noir film.” He added on a more optimistic note,

At the end of the day, you know what? This is a crowd-funded movie. I should give the people what they want. I think the fans want to see their favorite characters…. They want to see Veronica do what she does.

From now until the movie hits theaters, Rob Thomas will occupy the same unenviable position as an NFL kicker tasked with making a five-yard kick — a tap, really, just a gentle nudge — to win a very important game. No pressure.

“Veronica Mars” creator to give the people what they want [LA Times]

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