Robin Hood Attracts The Rich To Give Good Fashion To The Rest


Yes, you could ask why Robin Hood premiered at Cannes. But when the turnout is this star-studded and the red carpet this over-the-top, let’s not question it!

The Crowes, Russell and Danielle, looking like wary newlyweds. Although she’s probably just poised to intervene if he starts to alienate someone. I know that game.

How “Ascot Gavotte” is Moran Athias’ gown? Never a bad thing!

Given the level of ruching here, it’s amazing that Lin Peng pulls it off as well as she does – or can walk.

Sometimes it’s a physical effort to not break out the “Torn” jokes when one sees Natalie Imbruglia. Even when, as here, it’s really just all about the detailing.

Cate Blanchett forgoes her usual flawless elegance for one of those round tablecloths favored by the proprietors of certain B&Bs.

I like how we can kind of watch Frederique Bel’s transformation, from the top down, from woman into Wedgewood pottery!

Juror Kate Beckinsale foregoes all understatement. Frankly, this worries me in a juror.

The ever-gorge Aishwarya Rai Bachchan seems to have gone to the same stylist.

Even skewing a touch Vegas glitz, Salma is gorgeous.

Although, having seen Hofit Golan’s, I realize Salma’s the definition of demure!

What must Dame Helen think? (I mean, I think this way even when there’s no chance I’ll ever meet her.)

And you want a show-stopper? Fan Bing Bing walks away with it.

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