Robin Williams' Widow Is Fighting His Children Over His Estate

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In a sad situation that only continues to get sadder, Susan Schneider Williams—wife of the late Robin Williams—is challenging the comedian’s children and the division of his estate by filing a petition that would allow her to keep certain personal effects that were seemingly left to Williams’ kids.

Schneider Williams is requesting clarification on “ambiguous trust provisions” regarding items kept in the Tiburon house that she shared with her husband. According to her lawyers, Williams’ adult children—Zack, Zelda and Cody—are to share the contents of the family’s Napa Valley estate, but leave many of the Tiburon house items to her.

Via the New York Daily News:

Any other interpretation would lead to her home “being stripped” while she still lives there, she claimed.
“It is difficult to imagine Mr. Williams desiring” an outcome where his kids lay claim to the tuxedo he wore to his 2011 wedding, the filing obtained by the Daily News said.

Williams’ children counter that Schneider Williams has been blocking their access to “to family photos and ‘precious’ collections of Japanese anime figurines, watches, bicycles, books, coins and other effects that Williams carefully amassed over his lifetime and bequeathed to his kids as his memorabilia and jewelry.”

“The Williams children are heartbroken that petitioner, Mr. Williams’ wife of less than three years, has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate,” lawyers for the kids’ estate said in a response filed Jan. 21.
“For their part, the Williams children have sought to resolve any potential disputes and conclude the trust administration process as quickly and efficiently as possible, to allow them to privately grieve the loss of their father and begin to heal from this tragic event,” their filing said.

The hearing is set for Spring.


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Photos via AP, Instagram.

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