Rosario Dawson Allegedly Sang 'I Love You' to Cory Booker, Which Is Fine

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I am still not sure how to feel about the news that Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker are allegedly dating. On the one hand, yay for love! On the other hand…really? Are we sure this isn’t just opposition research for Bernie’s 2020 campaign? Like, what?

News of Dawson and Booker’s budding romance has been floating around the tabloidverse for the last few days now, but Page Six kicked it up a notch on Tuesday in an EXCLUSIVE report revealing Dawson said “I love you” to Booker after the two attended a performance of the Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen.

(Dawson actually sang “I love you,” which maybe mitigates the whole thing? I don’t know, as I will never love.)

Per Page Six:

Spies at Saturday’s performance of Broadway hit “Dear Evan Hanson” say they were left in no doubt that Booker and Dawson—who brought Dawson’s daughter and Booker’s niece to see the show—are a couple.
And after meeting the cast post-show, Dawson—who was walking across the empty stage on her way to the exit—began fooling around and singing a made-up song to Booker that went, “I love you; te amo [as in, the Spanish for ‘I love you’].”
“They were so cute together and seemed so flirtatious,” said a spy backstage. While the source said that they didn’t kiss while they were there, they said it was clear that they’re an item.

Dear Evan Hansen star Diamond Essence White confirmed on Twitter that they were both at the show:

Honestly I think I might hate this but who cares how I feel! Love is alive!!!

[Page Six]

Many good headlines exist in this very bad world, but this, unequivocally, is the best one:

But does the headline live up to the hype? Does the dog, in fact, steal the show? I did some sleuthing and discovered that in fact, there are several dogs in the photo, and it appears BOTH steal the show. Headline Truth-O-Meter: Three enthusiastic barks (out of five).

[People, Instagram]

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