Rose McGowan Fired By Her Agent After Calling Out Hollywood 'Bullshit'

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Just days after tweeting a creepy script note from Adam Sandler’s new movie that encourages auditioning actresses to wear “push up bras” and “form fitting tanks,” Rose McGowan announced that she has been fired by her “wussy acting agent.” In a tweet last night, she wrote:

I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the bullshit in Hollywood. Hahaha. #douchebags #awesome #BRINGIT

So the lessons here are: If you speak up about sexism, you’ll lose your agent. And if you don’t speak up about sexism, you might get cast in an Adam Sandler movie. Talk about lose/lose! But is there a more exciting hashtag than #BRINGIT? Keep at it, Rose. Don’t let them crush your message in a garage door.


In an interview with Howard Stern this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed his divorce from Maria Shriver and his relationship with their four children – Patrick, Christopher, Katherine, and Christina. I don’t know who any of them but Patrick are, but Arnie said they’re all “very strong.” The real gem of the interview, however, was when Arnie shut up about his family and talked about Patrick’s ex – Miley Cyrus:

“The other thing is when I did meet Miley Cyrus, when she came up to Sun Valley skiing during the holidays, I found out that she was a fantastic person.”

Whaddaya know about that? Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Miley Cyrus is fantastic. Can you imagine him bringing it up for the rest of Patrick’s life as he meets future girlfriends? “Lauren is lovely, very polite. But…” “DON’T BRING MILEY UP AGAIN, DAD.” “I’m just saying, she was good for you!” “THIS ISN’T YOUR LIFE, DAD. IT’S MINE. I DON’T KNOW WHY I INTRODUCE YOU TO ANYONE.”


The Bobbi Kristina Brown story just keeps getting more depressing. Her boyfriend, Nick Gorden, has just been sued by “a representative” of Brown. The $10 million lawsuit accuses Gordon of “assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, unjust enrichment and conversion.”

Meanwhile, Brown has been taken off life support and moved to a hospice facility. [Page Six/MTV]

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