Rude, Nutsack-Obsessed Dude Can't Figure Out Why He's Still Single


Meet O’Neal, a native New Yorker who describes himself as “the black Brad Pitt,” but gets with chicks by speaking in a sexually suggestive way. He says he hasn’t been on more than three actual dates because he generally sleeps with women without any dates, and cannot stop talking about his tattooed testicles and “prize in his drawers” at the dinner table. (Somehow, we can’t imagine Brad Pitt’s balls are tattooed — but they could smell like lavender?) It was up to Siggy Flicker (real name) of VH1’s Why Am I Still Single? to break down his overly-obvious shortcomings and help O’Neal find a classy woman by taming his trash-mouth. Her method of choice? To sign O’Neal up for a knitting lesson with some older ladies and make him promise to have a “real conversation” with the women without being filthy. Spoiler alert: He failed. O’Neal found a way to drop a few f-bombs, use the term “cushion for the pushin’,” and after barely threading his needle, proclaimed “I got it in the hole, everybody!” The appalled knitters shamed him the best that they could, but this dude should learn to respect wise older women and their knitting needles.

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