Russell & Taylor Armstrong's Therapy Sessions, Coming Soon To A Television Near You


Apparently Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills castmembers Taylor and Russell Armstrong were in marriage counseling in the months before Russell’s death, and — of course — the sessions were taped. Radar reports that Bravo plans to air the footage.

In August, when Russell Armstrong hanged himself, the suicide followed the news that Taylor had filed for divorce. And some claimed that the show also had an impact on Russell’s death. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I think, was [Russell’s] downfall,” his friend William Ratner told the LA Times last month. In a piece for Salon, Drew Grant questioned whether the show’s newtork — and the audience — have blood on their hands.

Are we responsible for what happens to the folks that entertain us? Is this society heading back to a time when gladiators fought to the death in front of a cheering crowd? Are we going to bring back public stonings? Another question: Who benefits from broadcasting something as intimate as therapy — which is usually extremely confidential and solely between a doctor and his or her patients? The network might be trying to cover its ass, pointing out that there were deep issues between the couple and that Russell and Taylor were troubled in ways that had nothing to do with a reality TV show. Or maybe, since Bravo’s already committed to telling the Armstrongs’ story, they feel they need to follow through. But in the end, even though a wife is alleging abuse and a husband is dead, you can probably guess the real reason Bravo will show the counseling sessions: Because they’ll make for good TV. If the footage was boring we wouldn’t even know about it.

Taylor & Russell Armstrong Marriage Counseling Scenes To Air On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills [Radar]

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