Ryan Gosling Has Some Serious Mom Issues in His New Movie


The first trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s lastest synthpop meditation on violence and the Color Red feature Ryan Gosling beating people up with the same stony face Refn coaxed out of him in the bloodied-up Shane homage, Drive. However, that trailer left us with a lot of questions about Only God Forgives, namely, what the fuck is going on?

A lot, actually. The movie’s latest trailer reveals that Kristin Scott Thomas plays the maternal instigator behind Gosling’s martial artist version of Norman Bates, urging her son to track down his brother’s killers with the sort of passive-aggression that only a mother can really muster. If you like watching Ryan Gosling kick-punch and punch-kick his way through a movie, Only God Forgives is probably the matinée diversion for you. If, on the other hand, you saw Refn’s Valhalla Rising and were SUPER PISSED (spoiler alert) that you didn’t get to witness a seemingly inevitable Viking-Algonquian battle, maybe just wait until Gosling returns from his acting hiatus and works with a less frustrating director.

via The Film Stage

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