Ryan Gosling's Life In The Trailer Park Class System


When Ryan Gosling met David Letterman for the first time last night, he charmed the pants off the late night host (did you expect anything less?). The first thing on the Dave’s agenda was to bring out an old cast photo of The Mickey Mouse Club, which Gosling is is pretty damn used to. But ths time he gave us a little background: Having grown up in Canada, he and his mother moved to Florida and took up residence in a trailer park during his time on the show. After from probing from the host, Gosling does into detail about the Florida Trailer Park caste system.

Despite the fact that the MMC stopped using him on the show because he “couldn’t really dance or sing,” he found success once again on Young Hercules. Dave also happened to have a clip of that silly series, something that Gosling didn’t seem to expect. Hey girl, I used to fight dragons.

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