Sandra Lee Is Also Flexing on Her Ex in St. Tropez

Lee was spotted wearing an engagement ring during a weekend in the South of France with her boyfriend

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Sandra Lee Is Also Flexing on Her Ex in St. Tropez
Photo:Kenneth Gabrielsen (Getty Images)

St. Tropez…it’s where you go if you want to remind your ex that you’re enjoying life, doing sexy things with a new significant other, and, crucially, relishing not being embroiled in a damning political scandal.

This is to say that Sandra Lee—who ended a 14-year relationship with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in September 2019—was recently spotted in the French coastal town with a new boyfriend and a potential engagement ring.

According to Page Six, Ben Youcef, an “an Algerian interfaith leader, actor, writer and producer,” is Lee’s first beau since her split from Cuomo. Sources tell the tabloid that Youcef is “the first joy Sandra has had in years.”

They say Lee isn’t quite over Cuomo, but St. Tropez is a place where it’s easy to forget that fact—or at least suggest to the public that it might be otherwise. I’m referring here to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s PDA-filled getaway to the town for the former’s 52nd birthday—as well as ex A-Rod’s suspiciously well-timed trip that followed on its heels.

Should Lee still be “licking her wounds” from her breakup, as sources tell Page Six, may it be a consolation that she’s relaxing on a beach with Youcef and not playing political wife to Cuomo as he fires up a PowerPoint presentation of all of the times he’s touched people.

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