Sarah Palin Is Still Important and Relevant, Says Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin has released an ad to encourage people to become involved in her political action committee the SarahPAC and — oh, boy — is it ever Sarah Palin-y. Not only is it called “Loaded for Bear,” but it also rambles on and on, sort of talking about the dangers of politicians and the Big Bad Media all while, as the Atlantic Wire points out, relying heavily on segments and news clippings provided by the Big Bad Media to make her appear more relevant.

You know what one of my favorite/one of the worst things about Sarah Palin is? It’s how none of her sentences ever really make sense. She just strings evocative words together and says them in an emphatic way, like “They talk about rebranding the GOP instead of restoring the trust of the American people. How about rebuilding the middle class?” or “Toss the political scripts! Don’t let them invalidate you! Tea party! Small Businesses! Booooorack Obama!”

Wait, Sarah. Who‘s trying to rebrand the GOP? How do you rebuild the middle class? Which political scripts are you talking about? None of these questions will ever get answered because she has no idea how to answer them. Sure, this was scary when we thought that she might be holding high office, but now that she’s scrambling to remain visible, it’s just amazing political theater.

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