Sarah Palin Loves Great American Donald Trump


On August 28, 2015, maverick fangirl Sarah Palin engaged fuzzy meat wad Donald Trump in what was billed as an interview. The two great patriots in fact stroked one another’s plainly suffering egos for 11 minutes. Journalism at its finest, folks.

Before the conversation begins, Palin delivers a brief soliloquy on Trump’s selfless political endeavors:

“I’ve said it. Since the day he made the sacrifice to hit the campaign trail, voters crave the anti-status-quo politician. They want results. They need a fighter. They need someone to fire all those political-correct police.”

She continues on to describe our beloved puckered tomato as “avant-garde,” which I’m sure the Dadaists would appreciate immensely.

Alongside Palin’s eager grin, Trump appeared strangely mild. He complimented Palin on her essential goodness and emphasized that the Bible is his favorite book (but don’t ask him his favorite verse — that’s personal). His second favorite book, by the way, is The Art of the Deal, authored by the Donald himself.

Midway through the “interview,” Palin, nearly squirming with pleasure, congratulated—I’m sorry, asked aboutTrump’s recent attack on Jorge Ramos. “I don’t think he’s gonna pull that again,” she crows, citing Ramos as a “radical activist” in the process. Trump, in turn, mentioned that he felt supported by the press on this issue, though he happens to be filing a lawsuit against Univision for “attempting to suppress his freedom of speech.”

What all this amounts to really, is a pretty humdrum interview for an avant-garde fighter and a maverick.

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Video via YouTube.

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