Sarah Palin Stares Into A Crowd Of Anti-Obama Signs And Sees "Our Potential For Greatness"


Earlier today, Sarah Palin gave a speech at a Tea Party rally in Searchlight, Nevada, claiming that the Tea Partiers are “not inciting violence,” and have “common sense conservative values.” So how does she explain these signs in the crowd?

Here, the President’s health care plan is compared to Nazism.

And here, the President is painted to look like The Joker.

This sign declares President Obama to be the “#1 Snob, #1 Liar, #1 Communist.”

And here, we see that the signs are clearly in Palin’s view.

It’s one thing for Palin to stand in front of these crowds and rattle off her typical talking points, but when she’s staring into a sea of signs depicting the President of the United States as a Nazi-Communist-Joker-Liar and proceeds to praise what she once called “a beautiful movement” for their “common sense” conservativism, she is actively supporting all aspects of the cause: not just the push to eliminate “big government,” not just the issues regarding health care and taxes, but all of the ideas that consistently pop up on Tea Party signs, ideas which often cross the line from the actual issues to wild speculation and bizarre notions that the President is trying to turn America into Nazi Germany via healthcare legislation. “In you lies our potential for greatness,” Palin told the Tea Partiers today. There are a lot of other things that lie within the Tea Party, as well. Palin might pretend that she can’t see the signs, but it doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.

Palin Opens Tea Party Rally In Reid’s Hometown [CNN]

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