Sartorial Douchebaggery Most Foul At Richie-Madden Do


This Sony Cierge and The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation’s “private cocktail event” to raise funds for UNICEF’s Tap Project at L.A.’s My House was obviously a good cause…which required stars to wear their choicest douchenozzle togs!

The Good:

Rachel Zoe is always controversial, but I think this is her “look” at its absolute best: it doesn’t overwhelm her and shows off a cool print. (She’s apparently totally over that whole “raisin face” thing!)

Okay, whatever you think of the getup as a whole, you gotta love this accessory choice! (I’ve been digging this whole “accessory call-out” thing lately.)

The Bad:

Joel Madden‘s “13-year-old jazz musician at a Bar Mitzvah” is not working for a charity event. Clearly his twin agrees.

Yes, Nicole looks rad in this cut. But the Biba-esque print is a bad trip.

Okay, stars wearing ironic shirts about the economy? A trend we need to nip in the bud right now.

What Say You?

Hm, something about L.C.’s look doesn’t feel very fresh to me…but what do you think?

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