Saturday Night Social: Bring Me the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal TV Show Now Please

What do we think of the new trailer for American Crime Story: Impeachment? I think it looks great, personally, but "we" might think otherwise...

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Saturday Night Social: Bring Me the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal TV Show Now Please
Photo:Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images)

FX released a new trailer for its upcoming dramatization of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal on Friday, and oh my god I need it now.

American Crime Story: Impeachment, the third installment of Ryan Murphy’s true-crime anthology series, retells the story of the sex scandal that nearly brought down former Pres. Bill Clinton, though hopefully with a better sense of power dynamics than the media applied to it back when it was happening. (Incredibly powerful old man sleeps with relatively powerless young woman who works for him, relatively powerless young woman gets all the blame, etc.) I would assume so based on the fact that, at least by the looks of this trailer, Sarah Paulson’s Linda Tripp and Beanie Feldstein’s Monica Lewinsky appear to be the stars of the show? We also get a teeeeeeny tiny peek at Annaleigh Ashford’s Paula Jones as well as Clive Owen’s Clinton. Edie Falco assumes the role of former First Lady (and later Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton, though unless I missed her she doesn’t show up here.

Does anyone have a leak of the series they can drop in the comments below? I am absolutely not encouraging you to do so if you do since that is probably illegal or whatever. I’m simply asking the question! Out of curiosity. Yeah, that’s it.

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