Scenes From a Normal American Democracy

Scenes From a Normal American Democracy
Photo:Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

Perhaps you’ve noticed there’s a consequential election going on, right around us, right now. The president is sequestered behind a very tall fence erected just the other day for no particular reason. He’s going to party, I gather, at the White House along with 400 of his closest supporters and friends, which doesn’t invite twilight-of-the-regime bunker vibes at all.

In cities across the country, such desirable looting locations as Lululemon and Sweetgreen are boarded up in anticipation of what exactly we don’t know. And while there doesn’t appear to be the kind of mass voter intimidation or violence at the polls that analysts have been predicting with some regularity, there are certainly some interesting choices being made.

Early in the day, President Trump reiterated that “a lot of bad things happen” when ballots are counted after election day. Tuesday morning, the Michigan Attorney General reported that robocallers had been discouraged from going to the polls. In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a Republican commissioner suggested mail-in ballots that came in after election day wouldn’t be counted unless there was a Supreme Court ruling, though he was quickly rebuffed by his colleagues, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Which isnt’t to mention the less directly nefarious realities of voting in 2020: the masks, the anxiety, the covid-19-positive patients having their ballots collected by guys in full hazmat suits.

In any case, please enjoy these photographs taken today by various photojournalists of our very normal democracy as you wait to find out who will govern America for the next four years.

Photo:Timothy A. Chamley (Getty Images)
Photo: Chip Somodevill (Getty Images)
Photo: Michael B. Thomas (Getty Images)
Photo: John Moore (Getty Images)
Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)
Photo: OLIVIER DOULIERY (Getty Images)
Photo:Spencer Platt (Getty Images)
Photo:John Cherry (Getty Images)
Photo:David Dee Delgado (Getty Images)
Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Getty Images)

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